PT. Energy Transporter Indonesia (ETI) has been established to focus on transporting coal from mining areas to major ports in providing coal for the state-owned power plants (PLN).

Recently, ETI is the contractor for PT. Arutmin Indonesia and subcontractor for PT. PLN Batu Bara in transporting coal from PT. Arutmin's mining area in Kalimantan to major ports in Java and Sumatera such as Labuan, Suralaya, Lontar, Indramayu, Rembang, Paiton, Pacitan, Labuhan Angin, Pangkalan Susu, Naganraya and Teluk Sirih.

Now, the annual guaranteed tonages of transporting coal for major ports in Java is more than 5.000.000 MT per year and in Sumatera is roughly around 3.000.000 MT per year.