PT. Berkah Daya Mandiri (BDM) is a member of TEL that provides and sales of split stones such as:

1. Bolder Elephant Stone (Batu Gajah)
    This type of material used for backfilling areas of marsh, or shoreline, breakwater, reclamation beach and pier manufacture simple and to the foundation stone etc.
2. Base Course (Second Layer) 
    This type of material used for the second layer / third of an area to be backfilled, in which the soil has been basically stable enough.

3. Split Stone / Stone Crushed (30-50mm)
    This material is usually used for the base of the road before using other materials, buffer railway sleepers, cover / ballast pipe towing, etc.
4. Split Stone / Stone Crushed (20-30 mm)
    This material widely used for foundry work floor, casting / concreting horizontal.
5.Split Stone / Stone Crushed (10-20mm)
   This type of material used for casting all kinds of construction ranging from light to heavy construction. Example: Toll Road, store building, Runway Aircraft, Bearing Railways,Ports and Pier, Piles and Bridges, etc.
6. Screening (5 -10 mm)
    This type of material used for the mixture in the process of paving, ranging from the mild to the  class-1 (Mixed Asphalt Plant)

7. Stone Ash (0-5 mm)
This type of material is needed to mix in the paving process and can be used as a substitute for sand. This material is the main material of manufacture of culverts and concrete brick Press
8. Aggregate A, B
This type of material is a mixture of split stone, stone dust and sand, which in blending / mixed on demand / need for the project and depending on their needs.

The services that BDM provides to it's client is including delivery of cargo with trucks and barges.