Tug boat towing barge full loaded with coal cargoes on board sailling from loading area (jetties Arutmin Asam-Asam, Satui, Kintap, Sarongga, Tj.Pemancingan and Senakin) to mother vessels which already arrived (dropped anchors) at loading anchorage area in Asam-Asam, Kintap, Satui and Tj.Pemancingan). Visa versa tugboat towing barge in empty condition from mother vessels back to jetties.

Since 2011, We are expand our operating service by engaging ourself with the largest coal company. In the world (Kaltim Prima Coal) with more than 43 MTA export sales and 3.4 MTA domestic sales volume in more than 700 shipments throught the year. Total fleets requirements will be around 16 fleets (tug and barge) and additional 4 floating cranes to support loading activities. The second one is to establish a business relationship with Berau Coal Indonesia also in transshipment services by providing 36 fleets (tug and barge) and 4 floating cranes to support its approximately 20 MTA production in the up coming years.